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Your Guide To Bath Feet

Freestanding baths can be sleek and modern or charming and traditional. In both cases, they add a unique character to your bathroom, often enhanced by beautiful bath feet.

Just as there are multiple styles of bath design, from slipper to roll-top, there are multiple kinds of bath feet. Read on to discover the intriguing bath feet at Renaissance At Home, from their practicality to their aesthetic value.

Aesthetic Yet Practical

Freestanding baths immediately draw the eye, acting as a focal point and magnificent centrepiece. This is especially true of authentic Cast Iron Baths, which bring classic Victorian and Edwardian designs to life. 

It would be easy to assume that bath feet merely add to the old-world charm while the bathtub is responsible for practical elements. For instance, the Lorenzo model has a 204-litre capacity, which is ideal for a long and luxurious soak.

Bath Feet

Clawfoot Baths

The concept of a freestanding bath is very old, with reports of pedestal tubs in use around 3000 years ago. However, when thinking of a traditional bath, it’s the clawfoot bathtub that comes to mind. 

In the 1700s, a claw and ball foot design was incorporated into many different kinds of furniture, including baths. The design represents a Chinese dragon, symbolising the emperor, gripping a pearl, which symbolises wisdom, purity and other princely virtues. The dragon holds tightly to the pearl to protect it from those who would steal it, giving you an interesting fact with which to entertain guests to your home. 

Although the original design is based on a dragon, other claw feet imitate different animals, such as an eagle’s claw or a lion’s paw. Our Marino Cast Iron Bath features a lion’s paw, with flowing designs where the leg meets the bath and ends in a very simple paw shape. 

For more ornate claw feet, you might opt for something similar to the Tebb Cast Iron Hurlingham Bath, whose romantic slipper shape is paired with intricate gryphon-inspired bath feet. These elaborate patterns make a perfect counterpoint to a bath that is otherwise demure and minimalist.

Cast Iron Baths from Renaissance At Home can be finished in over 10,000 colour options from prestigious paint brands, including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Roberson’s Liquid Metal, RAL and Cromadex. 

This is an easy way to customise the bath to reflect your space, with an option for bespoke shades with our free colour matching service. Bring us a wet sample of your chosen hue and our paint specialists will mix and apply an identical colour to your bath or bath feet.

Modern Bath Feet

Decorative ball and claw feet might not suit every design scheme, which is why some homeowners elect to position their freestanding model directly on the floor instead. However, Renaissance At Home has a range of other baths with various styles of feet, which are ideal for a more contemporary aesthetic.

The feet on the Modena Cast Iron Bath are wider, with thick curves down to the floor. The design is reminiscent of waves, making this model highly appropriate for a bathroom, drawing on some of the recent enthusiasm for ‘chunky’ furniture. 

An alternative option is for block feet, such as the ones running all the way underneath our Camargue Cast Iron Baths. These 195mm x 200mm feet come in an authentic Sandstone or Marble, using the materials of the ancient world in a striking block shape. Their shape, colour and texture imbue the bath with real character, especially when contrasted with a soft blue or warm red from the Farrow & Ball collection.

Explore The Renaissance Range

To browse our freestanding baths and stunning bath feet, please visit our website. Our Cast Iron Baths have the widest range of feet, although two of our Acrylic Baths are raised on iconic ball and claw designs. 

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