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Carron 5kW ECO 2022 Woodburning/Multi-fuel Stove – Cream Enamel

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The Carron ECO 5kW 2022 Stove is available with a multi-fuel option meaning the stove can not only burn wood, it can also burn smokeless mineral fuel. Ordinarily, wood burners are designed to have a fixed grate and no ashpan, as wood burns best on hot ashes. The multi-fuel option incorporates a raised grate aiding the combusted air to flow underneath the fuel for effective burning. This design also allows the easy removal of ash from below by using a removable ashpan. The Carron multi-fuel kit is available for £90 inc. VAT.

ECO Design Compliant: As part of the Clean Air Strategy, the UK Government has introduced ECO Design regulations that will be effective from 01 January 2022 to help reduce the impact heating appliances have on our environment. This means there will be stricter guidelines in place to limit Particulate Matters, Organic Gaseous Compounds, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide. Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new requirements will be able to be sold and installed in the UK. The Carron ECO Stove is rated as ‘Highly Efficient’ at 78.6%.

Designed and Tested In The UK: The Carron ECO 5kW 2022 Stove was designed in rural Lincolnshire specifically for the UK market and was tested, inspected and certified by Kiwa (specialist in high quality verification processes). This has enabled Carron to understand the customers needs and ensured the stove is suitable for use within smoke control areas. DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) is the governing body and their recognition means the stove is legally allowed to burn specified fuels in smoke controlled zones.

Cleanburn Technology: The Carron ECO 5kW 2022 Stove has cleanburn technology that allows preheated air to be reintroduced to help prevent the glass becoming dirty and blackened. Combined with a large picture window, this allows your customer to relax and see the hypnotic flames.

Colour Options: The Carron ECO 5kW 2022 Stove is available in 6 enamel colours including cream, ash grey, antique, sage green, black and red and additionally matt black. With each stove there is an option to purchase a colour-matching flue pipe. These start from £80.50 inc. VAT.

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MaterialCast Iron
Weight (kg)72

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