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The Marble Bath – The Ultimate Luxury Bath

Marble has been used over the centuries as a building material due to its unrivalled strength and beauty. It’s a stone that lends itself well to being turned into a Marble bath. Not only is it very hard-wearing, but it is also an opulent choice and a testament to this is the fact that the Taj Mahal is made entirely of Marble.

Historical Marble Baths

Marble has a long history – it was used extensively by the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks to build statues. After this, it gained popularity as a material for buildings, most famously in bath houses where the Marble bath took centre stage. It is formed as the result of limestone being under pressure for thousands of years. The dramatic and striking appearance is a visual reminder of the strain it was created under. Maybe it is this historical significance that makes it such a desirable material to have in our modern homes. As well as this, Marble is sturdy, long-lasting and you can enjoy the luxury of this natural stone with one of our baths from Renaissance At Home

Our Marble Bath Range

For a classic look choose the Tivoli White Marble Bath. Hand-carved from a single piece of Marble, the design of this model features a deep-cut and detailed undulating wave motif that repeats along the side of its thickset walls. At almost two metres in length, its long profile would perhaps best suit positioning near a wall.

Each of our Marble baths has its own individual blend of whites and pearly greys running through them, making them a piece of art partly created by man, partly by nature. As well as looking striking, a Marble bath also has excellent natural heat-retaining properties. This model comes in five different colours to fit in with the surroundings of your space with the Tivoli Chocolate Marble Bath being the darkest. 

Continuing the theme of the exotic and the ancient we present to you the Taboo Egyptian Yellow Marble Bath. This sleek bath is carved from a single piece of Egyptian Yellow Marble. As opposed to the organic texture of the Tivoli Marble Baths, this model is much more smooth and it is delicately and naturally decorated along its exterior with fine fissures. This Marble bath would perhaps suit a larger space, positioned in the centre of your bathroom to steal the limelight.

Whichever of these marble baths you choose, they will be sure to encourage long, relaxing soaks for years to come.

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