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The Health Benefits Of A Deep Bath

We all have busy modern lives, which makes a quick shower enticing, especially in the morning when time can be tight. When the evening comes and you have more time, you can take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the health benefits of a hot, deep bath.

The Detoxifying Effects of a Deep Bath

Just being surrounded by hot water for half an hour can help you to feel relaxed if you’re stressed or anxious and there are added detoxifying benefits too.

After time in a hot bath, your core temperature will rise, making you sweat, which will aid in removing toxins from your body. Also, hot water in a deep bath will produce plenty of steam. If you have a cold or a cough, the steam will loosen any mucus, helping to ease discomfort and allowing you to breathe more easily.

An Aid To Sleep

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night or if you find yourself waking shortly after falling asleep, bathing in a relaxing, deep bath can help you too. This is because soaking in a warm bathtub can help relax your muscles and release tension, making it easier to fall asleep.

To encourage relaxation, use candles for a soft subdued quality of light and add lavender oil or bath salts to the water. Studies show that taking a bath 90 minutes before going to bed works best. As well as making you feel relaxed, studies show that hot water helps to change your body’s core temperature so that you go to bed with a lower temperature – a key sign that the body is ready to rest.

Choose A Cast Iron Bath

It’s clear to see that there are health benefits to taking a hot, deep bath and you can enhance these benefits by choosing a Cast Iron Bath from Renaissance At Home. The health benefits come from the heat of the water and a Cast Iron Bath enhances this, as it keeps hot water at its intended temperature for much longer. This is because Cast Iron is a very dense material, which has a high thermal mass.

At Renaissance At Home, our Cast Iron Baths are not only excellent at keeping your bathwater hot so you can make the most of a deep bath, but they are also beautiful and moulded with the utmost care and skill.

With a raised end to support your head and back, The Como Cast Iron Bath is a particularly good choice to feel the health benefits of a long soak. This claw and ball foot bath radiates warmth and relaxation and it’s just one of Renaissance at Home’s deep baths. You can view our entire range of models on our website.

We can finish any Cast Iron Bath in more than 10,000 colours. Choose from popular Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Roberson’s Liquid Metal shades or benefit from our free colour matching service – the choice is yours. Like all of our baths, The Como Cast Iron Bath comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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