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The Merits Of Steel Radiators

Renaissance At Home stocks a variety of radiator models, including sleek Steel, stylish Anthracite and ornate Cast Iron Radiators.

Steel models are a common sight in many UK homes. Lightweight, versatile and energy efficient, they are a practical and stylish way to heat your home throughout the year.

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The Start Of Steel Radiators

The Start Of Steel RadiatorsRadiators have been used in British homes since the early 1900s, but early models were restricted to affluent households, which is why Cast Iron Radiators often feature ornate designs that suggest years gone by. Steel models soon appeared and became common in the 1970s, as central heating systems became the norm for British homes.

As time went on, manufacturers produced new models in dynamic new designs. However, steel remained popular for radiators as it’s a robust, conductive and durable material. Even our Anthracite Designer Radiators use steel, coating it in a dark grey contemporary finish. 

Radiators With Classic Designs

Our Steel Radiators are simple, but attractive, based on traditional Victorian models. They retain the original character of a column design, but they are up to 65% lighter than Cast Iron alternatives, making installation easier.

Our Enderby products are also dual fuel compatible, meaning that they’re fitted with standard valves and by adding an electric heating element. During the winter, you can rely on the central heating system, but during the summer, you can heat up individual rooms using the standalone electric element. This will lower your energy usage as you won’t waste money turning up the temperature all over the house. 

Choosing Your Model

Our Steel Radiators feature a classic column design and are available in different depths and fixed lengths. The lengths are determined by the number of radiator sections, with our Enderby 3 Column, 26 Section extending to 1177mm in length, ideal for a larger space or a longer room. 

These models also come with different numbers of columns, which determine the depth of the radiator. For instance, the Enderby 4 Column radiator is wide compared to the Enderby 2 Column, a tall, slim model ideal for a thin space like a cloakroom or hallway. The best way to decide which radiator you need is to calculate how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) the room requires. You can find out your BTU by using our free calculator, or contact us for advice.

These models can be customised with our choice of colour options. They can be coated in a traditional white, grey or black, or you can choose from an incredible array of greens, reds, blues and more! There are over 2,000 colour choices from recognised brands, including RAL and Cromadex. The New Enderby range can be wall hung with colour matched brackets or freestanding, colour matched with its feet.

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