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Cast iron radiators from our Chelsea range. An elaborately decorated cast iron radiator.

Set room size / BTU Calculator

Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the required heat output to heat your room.

A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a unit of measurement of heat per hour. The BTU calculator will determine the size and quantitry of radiators needed per room.

Room Type

Room Dimension


BTU's Required:

  1. Size / Finish
  2. Valves
  3. Pipe Shrouds
  4. Wall Stays
  5. Bleed Nipples



Colour / Finish

Manual Radiator Valves

A manual radiator valve remains either on or off. Manual valves need to be physically rotated by hand to increase or decrease the amount of hot water flowing into your radiator.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

A thermostatic radiator valve or TRV is self-regulating, and controls the temperature of the radiator by changing the amount, or flow, of hot water into your radiator.

Pipe Shrouds

Pipe shrouds are used to cover the regular copper pipework of your heating system and to complement your radiator and valves.

Wall Stays

Most cast iron radiators require at least one wall stay to safely hold it to the wall. Radiators over 10 sections require at least 2 wall stays.

Bleed Nipples


£100 (excl VAT)


Cast iron radiators from our Chelsea range. An elaborately decorated cast iron radiator.

Quality Assurances
Specification Information
Fitting Information
Model NoLD063/064
No Of Columns1
Section Height A (mm)675
Section Width B (mm)195
Section Height C (mm)500
Section Height D (mm)125
Section Width E (mm)220
Section Depth F (mm)66
Delta 30 BTUs176
Delta 30 Watts52
Delta 50 BTUs338
Delta 50 Watts99
Delta 60 BTUs426
Delta 60 Watts125
Empty Weight (kg)13.3
Filled Weight (kg)14.8
Compatible Connector ToolRTO001
Compatible Wall StayLD056~HAN103~HAN205~HAN120~HAN121~HAN122~HAN123~HAN124~HAN125~HAN126~HAN127~HAN128~HAN129~HAN130~HAN131
Compatible Valve PositionsBBOE~TBOE~TBSE

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