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Art Nouveau Black Cast Iron Fireplace Surround

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The Art Nouveau Surround is characterised by intricate linear design and flowing detailed curves based on natural forms. Using 3D modelling techniques and CNC moulds coupled with traditional casting methods, the Art Nouveau will certainly be a showpiece in any room.

The design derived from the ever-popular Valentine Combination, incorporates a pomegranate as the centrepiece. The Art Nouveau Surround is available two finishes – Full Polished and Black. The Full Polished surround is achieved by a high degree of polishing using fine ceramic abrasives which are then buffed with a stitched polishing mop. This is a timely process that accentuates the detailed features and natural metal finish. The Black Surround is achieved by applying liberon iron paste providing a more traditional appearance.

This cast iron fire surround comes with a 5 year guarantee.

MaterialCast Iron
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