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The Timeless Attractions Of The Roll Top Bath

Renaissance At Home stocks over 50 freestanding baths, with the roll top bath being one of our most popular styles. The design has stood the test of time and for good reason, as these baths offer luxury and style, while visually transforming your bathroom.

This style of bath gets its name from the smooth curved edges at the top of its sides, which not only give it its luxurious look but also offer a comfortable place to rest your arms, encouraging longer soaks. They’ve been popular for over 200 years now, so let’s delve into the origins of this bathroom centrepiece.

A Brief History

The 19th century saw the start of a trend in bathing when the health benefits of being immersed in water became popular, both for general well-being and because it became generally accepted that personal hygiene was a good practice. Bathing in public was common in the 1800s for members of high society, with places like Matlock Bath becoming increasingly popular due to the belief that its warm spa waters would restore a person’s health.

Bathing in warm water at home then began to become increasingly popular for the upper classes as they attempted to recreate the spa experience in their own homes. The roll top bath offered a deep and luxurious way to do this while adding an element of opulence. For many decades a bath in the home was the reserve of only the richest of society.

After the First World War, indoor plumbing started to be installed as standard in homes, with running water becoming a more common feature across the UK. Later, in the 1960s, we saw increased access to modern plumbing in more residential areas, with indoor bathrooms being a feature of most homes, ultimately meaning that today, more people have the option of the luxury of a roll top bath.

A Roll Top Bath For Your Bathroom

The Como Cast Iron Bath is a deep, grand bath, with a high back that offers added comfort for reclining. Standing on its claw and ball feet, it is typical of the baths favoured by the wealthy and it is arguably the archetypal image of the roll top bath.

Bringing a classic design up to date with a continental twist is the Modena. This bath features a more square and uniform style, which may complement a more contemporary home. Its feet echo the architectural style of a cornice found in the historic building Collegio San Carlo Modena, the seat of learning for aristocrats, located in the Italian city that this bath is named after.

A common misconception is that you need to have a large bathroom to have such a bath, though smaller bathrooms work well too. When placed in a bathing space of more minimal proportions, the bath becomes an even more prominent feature, emphasising it as the focal point. Where space really is at a premium, Renaissance At Home’s Shelley Cast Iron Hurlingham Bath is ideal, offering a luxurious depth in the form of a petite Cast Iron Slipper Bath. The elegance of this single-ended bath is further highlighted by its refined claw and ball feet. The interior is lined with vitreous enamel, offering added comfort while also being easy to clean and maintain.

By accessorising your bath with our Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Taps you can combine the looks of a classic roll top bath design with the convenience of a shower.

Customising Your Bath

All of the baths above are made from Cast Iron, which means they have excellent heat-retaining properties. What’s more, our Cast Iron Baths are available in over 10,000 paint colours, including shades from Little Greene and Farrow & Ball. In addition, with our FREE colour-matching service, we can also match your new bath to any wet colour sample that you share with our team.

Are you ready to enjoy a roll top bath from Renaissance At Home? You can view our full range of baths on our website.

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