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Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Tool For 1 & 1/2 Inch Connectors


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RTO001 Mild Steel Natural
Assembly Guide

Compatible Radiators

Arlette 985mm Baroque 560mm 1 Column Baroque 560mm 2 Column Baroque 660mm
Baroque 780mm Baroque 810mm Baroque 960mm Baroque 950mm
Chardon 785mm Conrad 675mm Duchess 2 Column 590mm Duchess 2 Column 785mm
Emmanuelle 800mm Faraday 670mm Faraday 975mm Fiore 595mm
Fiore 780mm Gaumont 765mm Jazz 980mm Joule 600mm
L'Art Deco 585mm L'Art Deco 795mm L'Art Nouveau 645mm L'Art Nouveau 865mm
Lily 790mm Marks 460mm Marks 610mm Marks 795mm
Mello 550mm Mello 750mm Michelangelo 840mm Peacock 775mm
Rathmell 4 Column 665mm Rathmell 4 Column 460mm Rathmell 6 Column 460mm Rathmell 9 Column 340mm
Victoriana 3 Column 735mm Victoriana 4 Column 460mm Victoriana 4 Column 660mm Victoriana 4 Column 760mm
Victoriana 4 Column 810mm Victoriana 6 Column 365mm Victoriana 6 Column 740mm Victoriana 6 Column 920mm
Victoriana 9 Column 330mm Volute 845mm