Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Tool For 1 & 1/2 Inch Connectors


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RTO001 Mild Steel Natural
Assembly Guide

Compatible Radiators

Arlette 985mm Avery 480mm Avery 620mm Baroque 1 Column 660mm
Baroque 1 Column 950mm Baroque 2 Column 560mm 2 Column Baroque 2 Column 960mm Baroque 3 Column 780mm
Braid 2 Column 650mm Braid 4 Column 530mm Conrad 675mm Duchess 2 Column 590mm
Duchess 2 Column 785mm Emmanuelle 800mm Faraday 670mm Faraday 975mm
Fiore 595mm Fiore 780mm Gaumont 765mm Jazz 980mm
L'Art Deco 585mm L'Art Deco 795mm L'Art Nouveau 1 Column 645mm L'Art Nouveau 2 Column 865mm
Lily 790mm Marks 460mm Marks 610mm Marks 795mm
Mello 550mm Mello 750mm Michelangelo 840mm Rathmell 4 Column 665mm
Rathmell 4 Column 460mm Rathmell 4 Column 810mm Rathmell 6 Column 810mm Rathmell 6 Column 460mm
Rathmell 9 Column 340mm Victoriana 3 Column 735mm Victoriana 4 Column 460mm Victoriana 4 Column 660mm
Victoriana 4 Column 760mm Victoriana 4 Column 810mm Victoriana 6 Column 365mm Victoriana 6 Column 740mm
Victoriana 6 Column 920mm Victoriana 9 Column 330mm Volute 845mm

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