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Victorian 4 Column

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810mm height, 0 sections - Valve Position: Bottom Bottom Opposite Ends (BBOE) - Hand Burnished

Your radiator will be delivered in parts & require assembly on site.

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A radiator assembly tool can be hired from Renaissance At Home and can be returned for a full refund (less postage costs).

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First produced in the US in the 1880's, this Victorian cast iron radiator was a practical, yet elegant feature in many homes.  Today, the simple design gives it a contemporary feel, particularly when hand-burnished, though it still retains the look of a vintage radiator.

 Prices start from £31.00 per section.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Victoriana 4 column radiator measurements

* per section

TBK126/127 325 145 205 80 50 139 41 175 51 3.2KG
MAR060/061 460 140 300 105 61 185 54 232 68 3.8KG
LD015/016 660 140 500 115 61 261 77 330 97 5.6KG
MAR011/012 760 140 600 115 61 306 90 386 113 6.5KG
LD013/014 810 160 640 120 61 355 104 451 132 8KG
Code Compatible Wall Stays
HAN103 HAN205 HAN206 LD055 LD056 LD104 RTO035
TBK126/127 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MAR060/061 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
LD015/016 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MAR011/012 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
LD013/014 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No


MADE IN UK BY Carron cast iron radiators



Available Heights

Victoriana 4 column cast iron radiator heights

Quality Assurances

The Victorian 4 column comes in a range of vibrant paint finishes that complement the decor in any room. Your radiator will be built to the highest standards by members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and comes with a European quality assurance accreditation.

Since all our radiators are manufactured by Carron, you can be assured that you are getting the best price and each one comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Specification Information

This radiator is available up to 160mm deep and 810mm tall and is delivered in one piece. Weights can vary from 3.2KG to 8KG per section.

The Brumpton 15mm Inlet Manual Valve in Brass is recommended to help this radiator stand out in a room.

Fitting Information

For safe installation we recommend purchasing wall stays with your radiator. All wall stays on our website are compatible with this model.

All measurements shown on our website are approximate and should not be used for installing pipework prior to receiving your radiator(s). Due to seal compression radiator widths can vary slightly.

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