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How To Maintain A Nickel Bath And Taps

Nickel adds a sleek lustre to many of our Renaissance at Home Baths and bathroom accessories. It takes centre stage on our luxurious Zille and Hurlingham baths, while Nickel interiors provide a counterpoint to Copper Bath exteriors. These maintenance tips will help you to keep your Nickel Baths and Taps as beautiful centrepieces for many years to come.

The Nickel-Plating Process

Objects achieve a nickel coating through a process called Electro Nickel Plating. The object is prepared by covering or ‘masking’ any areas that are not to be plated, followed by extensive cleaning to eliminate stains or other impurities. Once ready, it is connected to a power supply, which creates a negative charge and submerged in a solution of water and Nickel Chloride salt. When the electric current is sent through the solution, the salt separates into positive and negative Nickel ions. The positive ions are attracted to the negative charge coming from the base metal, coating it in a thin layer of nickel plating. 

Nickel plating is used for numerous objects, from industrial components to decorative features. One of its main uses is for taps and baths, as the reflective surface suits both modern and traditional designs. The low-slung, unusual curved plinth of the Zille Nickel Hurlingham Bath shows the shine of this practical metal, providing a focal point for any bathroom. This bath comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Nickel Bath

Cleaning Your Nickel Bath and Taps

To keep your Nickel Bath and Taps in showroom condition, follow our guidance on the correct cleaning procedures. Oversoaking, cleaning chemicals and abrasive products can all damage the finish, causing discolouration and unsightly scratches.  

Instead, clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Wash any marks or fingerprints, rinse the soap away and dry with a clean cloth. This is particularly important, as leaving soap for too long can change the appearance of the surface. Toothpaste and shaving creams can have the same effect, so quickly rinse and dry any product spills or smudges.

Nickel finishes are also at risk from mineral deposits, especially in hard-to-reach areas on and around the taps. To prevent any stains or limescale build-up here, rinse thoroughly immediately after use. After rinsing, dry the taps using circular motions to buff the surface and restore the original shine. 

Protecting Your Product

To maintain the appearance of your Nickel Bath, and to keep it tarnish-free, you should reapply a suitable wax seal, such as this one, every four to six weeks. If the wax has worn off or there are any blemishes present on the surface of the bath, you should clean the affected area with mild soap and re-apply the wax. 

Remember, while it looks spectacular, Nickel can be sensitive to acidic cleaning products. For that reason, we’d advise you not to use vinegar or anything that you would usually associate with cleaning metal. If you need any guidance on what cleaning products to use on your Nickel Bath, please get in touch with us.

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