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The Modern Log Burner Revolution

Amid a cost of living crisis, consumers are turning to alternative heating solutions and the modern log burner is no exception. According to our recent research, interest in living room log burners has risen dramatically, with searches increasing by a remarkable 400% in just a month. As the cost of living remains a concern for many, Renaissance At Home recognises the growing appeal of log burners that seamlessly combine function and aesthetics, ensuring living rooms remain both warm and stylish.

Why Now?

The appetite for log burners is showing no sign of slowing and it’s no surprise. The cost of living crisis is still a huge concern for many and, as a result, they’re looking for alternative heating options. Log burners are the ideal solution because they ensure that living rooms remain warm and cosy, without compromising on visual appeal.

Renaissance At Home offers a range of Carron 5kW ECO Stoves, which are ideal in the current climate. This modern log burner not only exudes the charm of a traditional wood-burning stove but is also environmentally conscious. Each stove complies with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy’s ECO Design regulations, contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of heating appliances.

Your New Modern Log Burner

At the heart of Renaissance At Home’s offering is the Carron ECO Stove, a HETAS-approved model that marks a new era in heating innovation. This versatile range caters to various fuel options, providing warmth with ease using any smokeless mineral fuel, not limited to wood alone. The cleanburn technology employed by the stove reintroduces preheated air, preventing the glass from becoming soiled or darkened, making it a truly modern log burner.

In addition to its exceptional efficiency, the eco-friendly stove captivates with its exquisite enamel finish, available in six colour options. Whether you opt for a black, matt black, antiqued, or ash grey stove, it will seamlessly complement any living space when paired with coloured flue pipes.

Making More Eco-Friendly Choices

We are proud to say that the Carron ECO 5kW 2022 ECO stove has been certified as a ‘Cleaner Choice’ modern log burner, surpassing HETAS requirements. This means buyers can confidently choose a more eco-friendly option for the colder months. Carron’s ECO stoves’ emissions rate is significantly below the current Ecodesign Compliant Limits and the HETAS Cleaner Choice Limit, exceeding the full and part-load Clean Air Act Particulate Limit by an impressive 60% and 67%. With a remarkable 78.6% efficiency rating, the stove not only meets but exceeds environmental standards.

By opting for a Carron ECO stove, buyers actively contribute to reducing particulate emissions and invest in an energy-efficient heating method. To ensure proper installation, Renaissance At Home recommends choosing a proficient, HETAS-registered installer. They will be able to provide a certificate of compliance post-installation to confirm adherence to the scheme. 

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Discover the warmth and eco-consciousness that a modern log burner can bring to your home with Renaissance At Home’s Carron ECO Stove range, starting from just £895. Visit our website to explore the options and make a wise choice for a cosy and environmentally friendly winter.

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