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Creating Your Sanctuary With A Modern Freestanding Bath

Let’s face it, life can be busy. Working, commuting and juggling your family life whilst ferrying children around can be exhausting. Many of us find that the rigours of everyday life can often prove too much for our bodies and mental health. Help yourself to counteract this by creating a sanctuary in the form of your bathroom with the help of a modern freestanding bath from Renaissance.

modern free standing bath

The Health Benefits of Bathing For The Body

It’s a simple fact that many of us choose to take a quick shower for the sake of ease. While a shower serves as a perfectly good way to feel cleaner and more refreshed, taking time out by luxuriating in a modern freestanding bath not only feels good, it is good for you too. Studies suggest that taking a long soak in a hot bath is similar to engaging in aerobic exercise as it raises your core body temperature and improves blood flow. You may well find that by taking baths regularly, you’ll lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation. This is important to note as many of us carry tension in our bodies that we’re unaware of. To counteract this further, you can add Epsom salts to your bath, which help to relax your muscles, causing them to feel less tense and stiff.

Aside from the benefits to your physical health, spending time in the bath can also help your mental health. In the sanctuary of your modern freestanding bath, you can have some precious ‘me time’, happily alone in a calm setting with your own thoughts, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Half an hour in a hot bath can help to counteract depression, and a bath at the end of the day also helps you to sleep better too. It may surprise you to learn that it’s actually the reduction in body temperature from hot to cool that achieves this effect.

Creating Your Sanctuary With a Modern Freestanding Bath

At Renaissance we have a range of modern freestanding baths to help you to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary – the perfect place for relaxing and for rejuvenating both your body and mind.

While ball and claw freestanding baths suggest the regal finesse of the Victorian era, ones that sit straight on the floor have stylings more suited to the modern home. A prime example is the Santi Cast Iron Bath. Offering a space of 215 litres, you’re sure to feel calmer in its depths. If you’d prefer a more metallic style, the Copper Bulle Nickel Hurlingham Bath could fit the bill. Nestled in its gleaming confines, you’ll feel both at home and miles away from your busy schedule. This feeling is one that you’re sure to experience with all of our baths.

Don’t forget that our cast iron baths can be painted to perfectly match your bathroom thanks to our range of effectively endless options. Choices include those from popular brands such as Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metal and Little Greene.

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