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Freestanding Bath Shapes

Bath shapes vary greatly, from double-ended to rectangular. These shapes can suit bathrooms of different sizes and match numerous styles, while the overall design can lead to a deeper and more luxurious bathing experience. 

Renaissance At Home has a wealth of bath shapes, in Brass, Copper, Cast Iron, Acrylic and Natural Marble. This allows a customer to select the most practical model that reflects the mood of their bathroom.

 Bath Shapes

The Most Popular Bath Shapes

The rectangular bathtub is extremely popular. It is simple, practical and affords room for the bather to stretch out when lying down. The straight lines and square edges make the bath easy to fit against a wall, thus optimising space. 

Rectangular bath shapes are often associated with modern family bathrooms but the Modena Cast Iron Bath has period charm and elegance. It’s raised on wide, wavy feet, with roll-top sides and a comfortable white enamel surface. As a freestanding bath, it can take a more prominent position, offering a traditional look.

These baths usually feature a gentle curve for back support at the opposite end of the taps. This is ideal for one person but for two people sharing a bath, a double-ended roll-top bath is more effective. These models are rounded to maximise comfort, with both ends curving gently to the bottom, making them perfect for enjoying steaming hot water. Cast Iron Baths are very effective at retaining heat due to their high thermal mass, allowing bathers to relax and unwind fully. Renaissance At Home’s Cast Iron Baths can also be customised using a range of shades from companies such as Farrow & Ball, RAL, Roberson’s Liquid Metal, Little Greene and Cromadex. Alternatively, customers can provide the team with a wet sample if they wish for a specialist in-house colour match to take place.

The Slipper Bath

When it comes to period bathrooms, the slipper bath is an excellent choice. It is a Victorian invention, usually made in Cast Iron and coated with enamel. Renaissance At Home uses the same materials and offers the same iconic silhouette, with one end of the bathtub raised high. It slopes down, providing a comfortable surface that the bather can lounge on as they enjoy the bath’s generous capacity. 

Slipper baths tend to be deeper but shorter, making them a good choice for small bathrooms or ensuites. The curving sides make it easy to get in and out, while the bath shape acts as a focal point. The Marlowe Cast Iron model is a fine example of a Victorian-style slipper bath, the main body raised on historical ball and claw bath feet. 

Customers can also choose a double-ended slipper bath, with both ends raised. This creates a  pleasing symmetrical shape that offers head and shoulder support for two people, in contrast to the back-only support of a double-ended oval bath. 

These bath shapes can also vary. The Renaissance At Home Acrylic collection features multiple double-ended slipper baths, from the Malvern Acrylic Bath, which has a dramatic sweep of tall, steep bath ends, to the Malham Acrylic model. This is a minimalist bath, which has been loosely based on the slipper style – it is compact, modern and features a slight curve suitable for a minimalist bathroom.

Variations On The Traditional Slipper Bath

Many bath shapes have been inspired by the slipper style. The Portland Fabricated White Marble Bath features tall ends but in two different heights.

The ‘boat’ or ‘bateau’ bath also uses raised and sloping ends but is mounted on a plinth or sat on the floor instead of on raised feet. The bather sits more upright than they would in a slipper bath, but the generous proportions mean knees and shoulders are always submerged in warm water. The Copper Bateau Hurlingham Bath gives a truly enjoyable experience, with a brightly burnished Copper that heats up quickly, offering a beautifully hot bath.

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