Boothby Limestone Fire Surround & Hearth


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GCM004 Limestone Natural 210kg

Elegant, understated and beautiful. These are just a few of the words that people use when presented with the Boothby fire surround and hearth. 

Created in Georgian style, the Boothby embodies the symmetry and proportions of the classical Greek and Roman periods as seen through the lens of the Renaissance. 

Decorated with restrained ornamentation, the Boothby features subtle horizontal detailing across the cornice and mantel, providing it with a truly timeless countenance. 

Take a step back and view the Boothby as a whole and you’ll find that the proportions of the mantel, lintel, hearth and legs have been carefully considered, creating a visually balanced and well-proportioned surround and hearth. This approach is directly drawn upon that which was used during the period, where simple mathematical ratios were used to determine the perfect size of a feature.

As was typical with fireplace surrounds and hearths during the Georgian period (1714-1837), the Boothby features a large opening, providing an uninterrupted view of the fire or appliance therein.  

This all adds up to create a fireplace and surround which is ideal for homes of all types - particularly if you want to emphasise your fireplace and create a truly stunning focal point. 

The Boothby makes a visually impressive fireplace, due to the limestone that’s used in its manufacture. Made using light limestone, the Boothby has a bright, warm, organic feel to its appearance. 

Due to the nature of limestone, with its varying grain, composition and striations, no two Boothby fire surrounds and hearths will ever be exactly alike; which is perfect if you’re looking for a truly unique feature for your home. 

In terms of the Boothby’s manufacture, craftsmen use machine cuts in order to achieve the most accurate cuts, meaning the surround and hearth will join seamlessly, providing for easy installation. 

All in all, the Boothby is the finest Georgian-inspired fire surround and hearth available on the market today. 

If you would like to find out more about the Boothby Limestone Fire Surround and Hearth prior to purchase, then our friendly, expert team will be happy to help. Call them on 01400 263309 or use our contact form.

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