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A Cleaner Solution With The HETAS-Approved ECO Stove

Who can resist the charm of a traditional, enamel-finished wood-burning stove? For centuries stoves and fireplaces have been the centre of the home, a place to gather at the end of the day and forget the worries of your day. They remain in style, even in the 21st century, although many now choose to go without them because of their impact on the environment. Carron’s HETAS-approved ECO stove marks a new evolutionary phase, combining the attractive appearance of a traditional model and modern, environmentally-conscious innovation.

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The Carron ECO Stove

The Carron ECO stove encourages initiative and thinking outside the box. This versatile range embraces a whole range of fuel options, meaning that you can heat your home with any smokeless mineral fuel and never be restricted to wood. As it burns the material, the stove utilises cleanburn technology that reintroduces preheated air, preventing the glass from becoming dirty or blackened – Carron’s manufacturers are dedicated to clean air at all stages of the process!

On top of their phenomenal efficiency, these ECO stoves draw the eye with their beautiful enamel finish. With five enamel shades, plus a classic matt black option, your stove can complement space. For the complete look, match your red, grey or sage-green stove with coloured flue pipes and place it on a solid hearth of painted glass, limestone or granite.

Verifying Carron’s ECO Stove With The HETAS Cleaner Choice Scheme

We’ve discussed multifuel options and cleanburn technology, but that is not the main substance behind Carron’s claim to produce ECO stoves. In comparison with a traditional stove, these innovative heating methods have massively reduced the amount of particulates released into the atmosphere, improving the UK’s overall air quality.

The HETAS ‘Cleaner Choice’ scheme has been developed to reduce such emissions. We are delighted to say that the Carron ECO 5kW 2022 ECO stove has been assessed and verified as not only meeting but exceeding HETAS requirements to be a ‘Cleaner Choice’ appliance! The HETAS website listing rates Carron’s ECO stoves’ emissions as far below the current Ecodesign Compliant Limits and the HETAS Cleaner Choice Limit, improving on the full and part-load Clean Air Act Particulate Limit by an incredible 60 and 67%. Not only does it go above and beyond the call of environmental duty, they have also been awarded an impressive 78.6% efficiency rating!

Installing Your ECO Stove The Right Way

By choosing a Carron ECO stove, you are slicing particulate emissions and investing in an energy efficient heating method. It makes sense to start this new eco chapter the right way, by having your stove fitted by a competent, HETAS registered installer, who will make sure your purchase is safely set up and works correctly. You can also be reassured that they are fully competent and you can receive a certificate of compliance following the installation proving that they have worked within the scheme. Find your nearest HETAS installer using their search tool.

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