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Caring For Your Copper Bath

A Copper Bath from Renaissance At Home will be sure to take pride of place in your bathroom, giving your home a distinct sense of luxury. All of our baths are crafted to last and to make sure that yours stays in excellent condition, it’s vital you know how to clean and care for it. By following our guidelines, you can do all you can to make sure your bath looks good for years to come.

Why Use Copper To Make Baths?

Copper has qualities that make it well-suited to craft baths for a number of reasons. It’s a very compact and dense metal, with a high ‘thermal mass’ – this refers to a material’s ability to retain heat. This means that a Copper Bath will keep your bath water at your desired temperature for longer. It’s a metal that has natural antibacterial qualities too, killing 99.9% of microorganisms within two hours of contact, making it well suited to the bathroom, where there’s a risk of E.coli, streptococcus and salmonella being present. Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory, having a restorative effect on the joints. As your body absorbs small amounts of Copper every time you use your new bath, it can be beneficial to those who have osteoporosis, arthritis and sports injuries. Lastly, it is a lightweight material weighing 80% less than Cast Iron, making Copper Baths suitable for homes where there might be issues with load-bearing floors.

Daily Care For Your Copper Bath

While you may wish to let your Copper Bath attain a patina over time, if you want to keep the showroom appearance there are some ways to achieve this.

It’s important to rinse the bath out with fresh water immediately after use to get rid of any traces of soap, shampoo and any other toiletries you may have used. After this, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to dry the bath. By doing this you’ll make sure that lingering water won’t leave any marks.

If you use bars of soap, don’t leave them on the edge of the bath, as the acid in them can cause tarnishing, especially citrus-scented soaps. It’s best to remove any jewellery before you bathe, as sharp edges can cause scratches on Copper.

Regular Maintenance

If you’ve chosen to maintain the showroom appearance of your bath, you can keep your Copper Bath tarnish-free by reapplying a suitable wax seal every four to six weeks. If the wax has worn off and there are any blemishes present on the surface of the bath, you should clean the affected area with Autosol and re-apply the wax. One of the advantages of a Copper Bath is that if you have chosen to leave your bath to attain a patina, you can restore it to a showroom condition at any time by thoroughly cleaning it and reapplying a wax coating.

Some Of Our Copper Baths

The Copper Bateau Hurlingham Bath is beaten into shape by hand from the highest quality 16 gauge solid Copper. This deep, double-ended bath has its origins in mid-19th Century France, when designer and manufacturer, Joseph Delafon created this style as a symbol of status for the upper classes. The name ‘bateau’ comes from the French word for ‘boat’ and was born from the distinctive roll top of the tub, which resembles the bow of a ship.

With a slight taper to its sides and a wide flat rim, the Alverton Copper Hurlingham Bath is a Copper Bath that combines comfort, style and timeless luxury. Its classic design is sure to fit in with both period and modern designs.

These are just two of our Copper Baths, so please see our website for the full range.

The Classic Look Of Copper Or A Customised Finish?

Copper is beautiful on its own, but if you’d like, we can paint either the bath exterior, plinth or both in over 10,000 colours of your choice, including those from Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Roberson Liquid Metals. Additionally, with our free colour match service, we can paint your bath in a specific colour of your choice when you supply us with a sample. Further customisation is available including the outside finished in verdigris, leather or a range of patterned and block colour fabrics. Renaissance At Home can also provide a white enamelling service for the interior.

All our Copper Baths come with a five-year guarantee and FREE kerbside delivery to addresses on the UK Mainland (T&Cs apply).

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At Renaissance At Home, we manufacture our Copper Baths as well as sell them and we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to their maintenance and upkeep. So if you are unsure about any aspect of maintaining or cleaning yours, including which cleaning products you should use, please get in touch with the Renaissance At Home team on 01400 263309 or by emailing today.

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