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Cooling Down In A Copper Bath

With temperatures soaring above the dizzy heights of 40 degrees Celsius, we’ve recently experienced the hottest days on record in the UK. Though temperatures have dipped slightly since, and there’s been some welcome rain, we’re due for long periods of well-above-average temperatures over the next few weeks. It’s going to be a hot, hot summer. During this time, it’s likely that you’ll be trying your best to think of ways of cooling down at the end of the day, to reduce your body temperature, get some respite from the heat and to aid your sleep. Traditionally, you may think of a Copper Bath as a place to spend time in the colder months to warm the body. When the days are hot, a Copper Bath is equally an ideal place to cool down, due to its thermal properties.

What Makes A Copper Bath An Ideal Place To Cool Down?

As a material, Copper has excellent heat and cold retention properties. A little-known fact, a Copper Bath actually responds to the temperature of the water that’s inside it, keeping the water at its own original temperature for longer. Just like a thermal flask, it keeps hot water hot, and cool water cool. This makes a Copper Bath an ideal sanctuary from the heat in what is bound to be a blazing summer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the fine choices of Copper Bath we have at Renaissance At Home.

Your Choice of A Copper Bath at Renaissance At Home

If you’d like a uniform look, resplendent in its pure Copper stylings is the Copper Bateau Hurlingham Bath. Crafted from the highest quality 16 gauge solid copper, it sits on top of a bevelled plinth. With its generous 214.5 litre proportions, this Copper Bath offers deep cool waters that offer respite from the blazing heat at the end of the day. Additionally, there’s the choice to customise this Copper Bath to fit into its surroundings in your home: Choose from a paint finish for the plinth or bath body in any colour. Or perhaps opt for a textured finish, or industrial-inspired greys and blacks.

An alternative would be the Copper Bulle With Nickel Interior Hurlingham Bath. Rather than utilising the same look throughout, this roll-top Copper Bath has a brightly burnished copper exterior with a contrasting highly polished Nickel Plated Copper interior. At its base, it features a tubular double plinth.

Or perhaps the Alverton Copper Hurlingham Bath is more your style? This double-ended French style Bateau Copper Bath features a more Muted Copper finish, offering an understated finish to a statement piece.

All of these styles of Copper Bath come without tap holes and can be complemented with our range of Freestanding Taps. It’s also reassuring to know that they are built to last, as they all come with a 5-year guarantee.

To complete your Copper Bath, add the finishing touches with a matching Copper Click Clack Bath Waste and Copper Bath Waste overflow.

Contact Us To Help You Choose Your Copper Bath

At Renaissance At Home, we’re confident that we have a Copper Bath to suit your home. To help you to choose your ideal Copper Bath to cool down, get in touch with the Renaissance At Home team on 01400 263309 or by emailing today. You can also view our full range of Copper Baths on our website here.

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