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Choosing A New Bath For Your Home With Renaissance At Home

When choosing a new bath for their home, many might automatically think of a very ordinary type of bath, installed in the corner of a room with side panels. If you are looking to replace your existing bath, Renaissance At Home is here to provide some grand alternatives to this. When looking at buying a new bath, one way to transform the look of your bathroom and enhance your bathing experience is to consider a freestanding bath.

At Renaissance At Home, we carry a range of over 50 luxury freestanding baths in several quality materials, and we’re sure that one of these baths will catch your eye. Rather than purchasing a lacklustre model, why not welcome luxury into your home when buying a new bath?

Cast Iron, Copper, Brass And Marble – Superior Materials For Your New Bath

If you like to enjoy a long, relaxing soak, then you might notice that with some baths, there is a tendency for the water to cool over time, especially in the autumn and winter months.

Our baths are created using materials that are well known for their heat retaining properties. If you like to luxuriate when having a bath, one of our Cast Iron, Copper, Brass or Marble Baths will mean that the water stays hot for longer, giving you more comfort, while also saving energy. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a bath in each of the aforementioned materials.

If you’d like a new bath with a modern twist, The Modena Cast Iron Bath certainly delivers. With its more rectangular stylings, it retains both a modern and traditional sense of style. An example of one of our hand-beaten Copper Baths is the Copper Bateau Hurlingham Bath. This model takes its name from the French for ‘boat’ and features a slightly scooped top along its length while sitting splendidly on a slightly flared plinth.

If you want a dazzling spectacle, the hand-beaten Brass Bulle Hurlingham Bath would make a stunning new bath for your home. An example of one of the most stunning of our baths, this Brass Bath is highly polished and makes a wonderful centrepiece. Marble baths are reminiscent of old-world civilisations, in particular, the Tivoli White Marble Bath conjures up scenes of Ancient Rome. With its wave embellishment, this oval bath is hand-carved from a single block of marble.

Contact Us To Help You Choose Your New Bath

Crafted from heat-retaining materials and available in a range of styles and sizes, our range of baths features a number of impressive models. Are you ready to consider a luxury bath from Renaissance At Home? To help you to choose your ideal bath, get in touch with the Renaissance At Home team on 01400 263309 or by emailing today. You can also view our full range of baths on our website.

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