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Charming Period Renovation For Properties In Bath

Renaissance At Home are the ultimate purveyor of beautiful period pieces, from Cast Iron Baths in hundreds of colours to charming stoves and fireplaces, all of which can transform the interior of a property into an elegant period home. Even the most contemporary home can achieve a Victorian look with some classic elements, but imagine the transformation you could achieve with properties in Bath! Match the beautiful Georgian architecture outside with some mesmerising historical pieces inside from our exceptional range.

Achieving Bathroom Elegance

Sleek, sharp lines and plenty of space have come to define the modern bathroom, with minimalist styles often making it the most modern room in the house. Instead of creating a contemporary space in a period property, capture the characteristics of the original bathrooms with traditional features. Brass, Nickel and Copper suggest an older aesthetic, with Renaissance basins and towel rails creating an old-fashioned glow, which complements the main event – the freestanding bath.

Our Cast Iron Baths are the last word in luxury and style, the perfect addition to any of the period properties in Bath. Multiple products, such as our Byron and Dryden models, stand on chrome or white features that have been moulded to look like a lion’s foot, evoking a sense of aristocratic charm. They come in 10,000 recognised shades and finishes, adding a touch of colour to a room that is quite often monochrome. Choices include those from popular brands such as Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metal and Little Greene. In the meantime, our Freestanding Copper Taps tie in with the towel rails, basins and other elements around the room.

Crafting A Traditional Living Room

A fireplace was an essential element in Victorian homes, with the eye drawn to mantelpieces strewn with clocks, candles and ornaments. A fireplace or fire surround is a feature that none of the period properties in Bath should be without, especially if they’re trying to replicate the spirit of the Victorian era. With Renaissance At Home, you have a choice of lighter surrounds or you can dive into traditional oak solidity with decorative carving. Alternatively, you can embrace the elaborate Art Nouveau style with our stunning Toulouse model!

You can also enhance your focal point with a stove. We believe that no period property in Bath is complete without a wood-burning stove, either in black, red, sage, ash, cream or antique enamel, with matching pipes for a unified look.

What’s more, they bring the Victorian charm without the environmental damage! Our Eco Stoves score as Highly Efficient on the UK government’s new EcoDesign regulations and exceed the HETAS requirements to be a ‘Cleaner Choice’ appliance, so now there’s even less to worry about.

Cast Iron Radiators: The Finishing Touch To Properties In Bath

Cast Iron Radiators can be surprisingly versatile, imbuing whichever room in which you choose to install them with a dignified elegance. Multiple columns are covered with ornate patterns and inscriptions, with models such as the Baroque 1 Column replicating actual designs from the Victorian era! Our most striking pieces transform properties in Bath into sophisticated period homes, bursting with vibrancy and character, but you can also scroll through some of our simpler designs, which enhance a room without becoming the focus. They also come in 10,000 colours and finishes, just like our Cast Iron Baths!

Restore Your Properties In Bath To Their Former Glory

Visit us online to peruse the endless possibilities of Renaissance At Home and restore your home to its original glory. You can also speak to us about renovating your property by calling 01400 263309 or by emailing today.

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