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The Timeless Charm Of Cast Iron Roll Top Baths

Cast iron roll top baths have always exuded elegance and luxury, seamlessly blending history with modern sophistication. These fixtures have captivated homeowners for generations, offering not only unparalleled durability but also a sense of indulgence with every soak. At Renaissance At Home, we celebrate these baths, with a wide range on offer, and we invite you to discover why they remain a coveted centrepiece for any bathroom redesign project.

The Enduring Elegance Of Cast Iron Roll Top Baths

Cast iron roll top baths possess an ageless charm that complements various interior styles, ensuring they stand the test of time against ever-evolving trends. Their graceful curves and sturdy presence make them a natural contender for the focal point of any bathroom. Whether your aesthetic leans towards classic or contemporary, a cast iron roll top bath effortlessly elevates the ambience of your space with its timeless allure, creating a bathroom that you simply won’t want to leave.

Design Flexibility

Despite their classic nature, cast iron roll top baths offer remarkable design flexibility. From iconic clawfoot designs to sleek freestanding options that sit flush with the floor, Renaissance At Home’s collection caters to various preferences, allowing customers to find the perfect bath that aligns with their design vision. With over 10,000 colour options available, including selections from renowned brands such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene, our baths can be customised to perfectly harmonise with your chosen bathroom decor. 

The lasting durability of cast iron baths is unparalleled, their inherent strength and resilience against corrosion ensure years of reliable use. Renaissance At Home stands behind the quality of our cast iron baths, offering a 5-year guarantee that speaks to our commitment to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Reviews from our customers can be found on Trustpilot.

Our Models

We offer a range of over twenty cast iron roll top baths to suit our customers’ preferences, each evoking a different mood that is sure to complement your space. From the truly classic Rimini Cast Iron Bath with its popular ornate feet to the bateau style Tebb Cast Iron Hurlingham Bath, those looking for distinctive styles won’t be disappointed. However, those in search of a more modern twist will be sure to find their perfect match too.

The Drayton Cast Iron Hurlingham Bath is a double-ended model featuring a bolt effect, making it industrial yet elegant. Much like the Drayton, the Shikara Cast Iron Hurlingham Bath maintains a modern aesthetic by sitting flush with the floor with its low-slung design and gently sloping sides. These baths are just a handful of the models we have on our website, there are plenty more to choose from.

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