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How To Run The Perfect Bath: The Cast Iron Bath Edition

Running the perfect bath might seem like a daunting task, but with a Renaissance At Home cast iron bath you’ll be sure to find the process much easier. The scientifically proven benefits of a bath are often discussed, from supporting a good night’s sleep to reducing inflammation of the joints, but the boons of the bath one uses are seldom spoken of.

If you find yourself looking to create the optimal environment in which to bathe, we suggest you consider one of our cast iron baths. Are you now wondering how a cast iron bath could improve the much-needed time you’ve carved out for yourself? Let us tell you why a cast iron bath is not only the perfect addition to your home but your life, too.

A Cast Iron Bath Means Superior Heat Retention

One of the things that could potentially ruin your bath is a bath that simply will not retain heat. When you want nothing more than to have a long, luxurious, uninterrupted bath, you don’t want your peace disturbed by needing to add more hot water into the mix. Cast iron baths are renowned for their ability to retain heat, so once yours has heated up, it will stay warm for the duration of your bath. The ideal temperature for a bath is thought to be 32°C – 40°C, preferably closer to 37°C, which is the average person’s body temperature. A bath that retains this temperature ensures your bathroom can become the peaceful sanctuary you deserve.

In order to reap the benefits of a bath, you need to have the right one in your home. With our range, you will be spoilt for choice. Should you wish to opt for a classic clawfoot model, we suggest the Rimini Cast Iron Bath or the Como Cast Iron Bath for a classic, timeless feel. If you prefer something more modern, the sleek Santi Cast Iron Bath With Steel Skirt might be an option to consider. We have various styles available and one of these is sure to be the bath for you.

Style And Substance

One of the main benefits of bathing is how soothing it is, and we feel as though choosing a bath should be equally as relaxing. As well as providing you with the ideal bath to reset your equilibrium after a long day, our cast iron baths have the ability to blend seamlessly with your bathroom.

Redecorating can be a stressful undertaking, but with our extensive range of colour options, the job of choosing a new bath becomes much easier. Depending on your preferred model, our colour options are almost unlimited, so you’ll be able to tailor your bath to perfectly suit your space and chosen colour scheme. We offer 10,000 colours, including those from popular brands such as Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metal and Little Greene.

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