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Light And Versatile Acrylic Baths

Lightweight, flexible and very strong, Acrylic Baths provide beautiful designs in a practical material. At Renaissance At Home, we have a new range of baths in which you can luxuriate, featuring high-quality Acrylic in Arctic White.

The Origin Of Acrylic

Acrylic plastic was invented in 1928 when its many unique properties piqued people’s curiosity. It was so superior to other alternatives in strength, cost, safety and flexibility that it displaced glass in WWII when it was used for aeroplane windows and canopies, turrets and even submarine periscopes. It can survive the pressure of being 7,500 feet under the surface of the ocean, giving an indication of its durability.

It was these very qualities that made Acrylic so popular in domestic settings, particularly in the bathroom. In the 1960s, most bathtubs were made of fibreglass, but Acrylic Baths proved more popular when they first started to be made in 1979. Often reinforced with fibreglass to make an even stronger substance, these baths were to become a staple in the modern household.

Beautiful Designs For Acrylic Baths

When they were first introduced, elaborate clawfoot and Cast Iron Baths were no longer in style. However, Acrylic is such a malleable material that it can emulate a variety of stunning designs from throughout history.

For example, Renaissance At Home has two roll-top Acrylic Baths with elegant feet in a Chrome finish, shaped by flowing designs. These add distinction to the simple Matlock model, as well as height to the Malvern Acrylic Bath, a traditional slipper bath with high, curved bath ends. This gives your back and shoulders additional support, letting you truly unwind.

The range also features two more contemporary freestanding baths, one of which has been expertly designed for a compact space. The Morden takes a minimalist approach, which can fit comfortably inside a snug bathroom, perhaps an en-suite. However, it still has an impressive 162-litre capacity, giving you a deep bath in which to bask.

A Family Bathtub

Acrylic Baths can be positioned with ease thanks to their lightweight nature. Additionally, they have an impressive resistance to cracking or chipping, so you can relax knowing that the journey up flights of stairs and down hallways won’t do any damage to your new bath. Acrylic favours a family environment, as its durability protects it from lively children.

Acrylic also retains heat, meaning that the bath itself will be warm to the touch, provided the air is at room temperature. This is pleasant for all members of your household, especially those sensitive to cold, such as young children or the elderly. After the bath has been filled, the Acrylic will retain heat, prolonging the experience of a long, hot soak.

For a truly luxurious bath, you can opt for our Freestanding Taps in a Chrome or Copper finish. These are stylish and convenient companions for a freestanding Acrylic Bath, as they can be positioned anywhere around the edge of the tub. There’s no need to curl up at one end to make the most of the hot water, as these taps can ensure it’s evenly dispersed throughout. You can lie back and rest, enjoying the way the Arctic White finish complements your bathroom design. In a traditional all-white bathroom, these white Acrylic Baths are the perfect finishing touch, whereas a bold and vibrant colour scheme will find the Acrylic model to be a bright, eye-catching contrast.

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