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A New Fire Surround For Autumn | Fireplaces

Once you’ve picked your perfect fireplace, you’re probably thinking about how to enhance its look with a fire surround. As autumn arrives and the days start getting shorter while the nights get longer, spending an evening in front of the fire seems much more appealing.

With that in mind, it might be time to make your living room as comfortable as possible with a fire surround. To mark the start of autumn, we’d like to present to you our new range of eight Stone Surrounds and Hearths.

The Benefits of a Fire Surround And Hearth

A fire surround and hearth provide a barrier between the fire itself and anything combustible in the room, keeping embers and the heat from the fire from damaging furnishings such as carpets or curtains. Our fire surrounds are suitable for all types of fire, from open grates and wood-burning stoves (including our Carron Cast Iron Stoves) to dual fuel fires. As all our Stone Surrounds and Hearths have distinct looks, you may even choose one simply to add a focal point to a room.

Limestone Stone Surrounds And Hearths

Limestone is an excellent choice for a fire surround. It is relatively easy to cut and carve into shape, so it lends itself to several different designs with varying degrees of detail. It has a natural look, with unique markings and delicate variants in the hues and shades of the colour, making it a tactile material as well as pleasing to the eye.

Possibly the most detailed of these is the Fenton Limestone Surround and Hearth. Its subtle arch towards the top gives it a Georgian feel, making it best fitted to a period home. For some, a simple approach is best, in which case the Alford Limestone Surround and Hearth would be a good option. With bevelled top corners and slightly inward sloping corbels, it is both functional and minimalist.

The Harrowby Honed Black Granite Surround And Hearth

While most of our fire surrounds are made from limestone, The Harrowby Honed Black Granite Surround and Hearth is an exception. Our limestone models have a characteristic slight roughness to the touch and an earthy, ancient feel, whereas The Harrowby Honed Black Granite Surround and Hearth has a more smooth and sleek texture. These characteristics along with the dark colour make this perhaps more suited to a modern home, or one where there are darker colours as part of the existing décor. With its streamlined design and slightly matte finish, it will bring an element of grandeur to your home.

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